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Labor must disclose Thomson legal costs now

HOBART 17 May 2012. The latest explanation for calls made by Craig Thomson to escort agencies, namely that it was phone “spoofing” or “hacking”, would not explain how phone calls were made from his hotel room and appeared on his hotel bills, let alone how they appeared on his mobile phone bills, or coincided with credit card transactions.

I look forward to Mr Thomson’s detailed explanation to the Parliament next week, but I think it’s fair to say that so far at face value these sorts of excuses or theories just simply don’t hold water.”

Also, the NSW ALP should immediately release all details of its payments to Holding Redlich on Craig Thomson’s behalf, or to Thomson for payment to Holding Redlich.

Labor must also explain its involvement because it is hard to believe Labor would have written a blank cheque for Mr Thomson’s legal fees without having a say in the excuses developed or the tactics employed.

This information would inform any inquiry by the House of Representatives Committee on Privileges and Members’ Interests into Thomson’s failure to disclose this financial benefit from the ALP. It should not wait until July.

Whilst the Coalition welcomes calls for the release details about the funds Labor contributed towards Mr Thomson’s legal bills, Labor simply can not hide the details by making the material available to ALP members only.

There needs to be full and open disclosure regarding this matter with the material made available to the Australian public.