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The Greens CANBERRA 21 May 2012 Senator Michaelia Cash, Liberal Senator for WA, today challenged the Australian Greens to state their position on polyamorous marriage.

This follows the disclosure that polyamorists have made submissions to the Greens' Senate Inquiry on Marriage Equality.

“Sarah Hanson-Young must explain whether she does support "marriage for all", as advocated by the Greens, who wish to "legislate to allow marriage regardless of sexuality or gender identity", Senator Cash said.  “Using these benchmarks it would really be a case of 'anything goes'”.

It is also clear that Senator Hanson-Young has not really explained the consequences of her wish to legalise marriage between bisexuals. How can she advocate freedom of sexuality and removal of so-called marriage discrimination against bisexuals, without opening the way for multi-partner marriages?

Senator Cash, who is participating in the Marriage Equality Senate Committee hearings, said that the polyamorist community in Australia had generally been silent on Sarah Hanson-Young's Bill for fear of frightening the general public about their long term agenda.  

However, as today's disclosure that leading polyamorists have made submissions to the Senate Committee shows, once you allow for same sex marriage, the push will come to permit marriage for anyone who wants to.

Senator Cash said marriage should not be disconnected from the nurture of the next generation.